Hi! I'm Amy, and I'm so happy you're here.

I have been creating handmade gifts as long as I can remember; long before they were something worth selling!

A story my family loves to tell about me is how one Christmas Eve when I was about 7 or 8, I spent the entire day making custom place cards for each of my family members for dinner that evening. I meticulously cut up green, red, gold, and silver ribbons to create unique designs for each person, and drew their names in my best handwriting. I remember I was so pleased with my work and was so excited to show my family. We used the place cards at Christmas Eve dinner for years, until I got to middle school and found it "totally uncool". But to me, that's the core of who I am. I love to make people feel special, and I love to use my creative abilities to craft unique gifts that speak to the recipient. It is a dream come true to open this shop. 

Additionally, I am thrilled to incorporate my love of styling and fashion into this business from the start. After honing in on my own personal style in the last few years, I have seen how feeling good in your clothes can bring game-changing confidence. Although I can't make garments myself (yet..!), I am excited to offer affordable, versatile, and on-trend staples in my shop that you can't wait to give (or get for yourself!) 

Let's make some magic!


Amy Nutt Bouvier